The Lost Twenty-Something


I tell you what, it is bloody hard being a twenty-something. You can be whoever you want to be. You can do exactly what you want to do. Life is what you make it. It is one of the first times in your life you can dictate exactly what direction you want your life to follow. However is it really that simple?

The multitude of options can often be daunting and can result in you questioning decisions; have I chosen the right career?/should I go travelling?/what the hell am I doing with my life? Having graduated a few years ago, I was unsure of what path to take. In a rush to secure a job, I soon fell into the routine of a 9-5. I would meet with friends, who would discuss their exciting jobs, moving into new places and living a new life in London. I would always leave feeling underwhelmed with my current status and wanting more. After a year of routine, I decided to embark on a new adventure. I quit my job and begun interning in different PR agencies within London. A total shock to the system, I felt like I was reliving “The Devil Wears Prada”. For all the highs I experienced there were just as many lows. After not earning for 6 months and forever feeling like the new girl I felt completely lost. I was a twenty-something with no career, living at home with not a scooby of what I wanted to do. The pressure I had placed on myself had become too overwhelming.

But then I saw this quote. It is all too common these days for people to have a mid-twenty crisis. We all want so much from life and if your anything like me, I want it all now. However I have learnt to view life from a different perspective. Rather than worrying about the future, enjoy the present. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Appreciate the small things in life. Never worry about what other’s think – do what makes you happy.

One thing I have learnt is life will throw many things your way. But rather than worrying about the bigger picture – live life like each day is an adventure.